Oct 1, 2007

I just wanna change the world

Is that so wrong?
OK- I'm not much of a "self starter". I am unmotivated, unreliable, easily bored, etc. Jobs have always been hard for me. Wow. That sounded bad. Let me put it this way: I didn't finish college (at all), and never got that one big job. I have held an assortment of lame jobs that I felt no connection to.
Thank GOD for motherhood and the ability to NOT work. Phew. But, now I'm gone everyday, working at our preschool co-op, or going to story time, or whatever kid related thing I signed up for that day. And I freaking love it. I've had the chance to use some of my real actual gifts (aside from the one I used previously....alphabetizing files).
I get to sing, draw, create, etc, and it's been really great.I've also been able to spread my love of baby wearing, breastfeeding and all things earthy and fun.
This Saturday there is a Kids Expo and I'm excited that our Co-op gets a booth and we are using it for Natural parenting advocacy! We are bringing cloth diapers, baby carriers, and tons of resources and info for parents to peruse or possibly ridicule (hopefully not that last one!!!). I'm very excited!
I get a little too crazy though, as Matt would tell you. I take on too much. I cant follow through on everything I commit to. And I'm realizing how contrary that is to the "Simple" life I want.
I'm just glad I'm doing SOMETHING....FINALLY. I need to learn some balance.


nea said...

you two look so beautiful wrapped up together! i wish i lived just a little bit closer to you, as i would love to visit your kids expo (and i just love the area of california where you live).

toffi said...

i stumbled upon your blog a few days ago & have read every entry. i'm on a similiar (yet, different) journey & have felt so drawn to you & your family. this post, in particular, resonates with me.

"Thank GOD for motherhood and the ability to NOT work."

i never found my "calling" in life until i had my daughter a year ago. motherhood speaks to me & has changed me so profoundly & led me to this simplifying.

thank you (to matt, too) for sharing your story.