Nov 19, 2008

In Stone

Sometimes an image is perfect. When I saw this statue, on an abandoned building in Sacramento, I realized that I am not alone. Times are tough right now in the World. There is very little good news going around and it has me down. I have watched many people I know and love suffer recently. Some financially, some physically, but overwhelmingly...emotionally.

It is in times like this that greatness finds opportunity, because the greatest things start as the smallest gestures. I have spent a lot of time in the car in the past few days. I drive a lot. I have noticed a drastic increase in the number of homeless and poor near my work in the past few months. I work in a very well-to-do area of Northern California. It's the kind of place that has perfect lawns and two cars in every driveway. So, it is a bit odd to see men digging through the trash at the gas station.

Tonight, I saw something even more disturbing. I saw a man pull into a gas station, in a Mercedes. He got out of the car dressed business casual. His clothes were in good shape and he was well groomed. He opened his trunk and pulled out a trash bag which he proceeded to fill with bottles and cans from the trash. Every few seconds, he would look over his shoulder to see who was watching. I was across the street so I escaped his view. Which is worse: that he needs money, or that he is afraid someone will find out that he needs money?

Often I feel like the statue; alone, broken, in angst. How much better would our lives be if we just shared our troubles with others? Why don't we? Why not share our burdens? Why should we stick ourselves in stone?

Who needs your help today?


Anonymous said...

Great post Matt. Thanks for making me think, as usual.

Anonymous said...

In the Unitarian Universalist Church, we have a saying "Joys shared are magnified, while sorrow shared is lessened."

Just found your blog-like what I see so far!