May 15, 2007

Theres just no reason to buy new clothes

Shoes, maybe.

But shirts? Blouses? Nope.

Now- if you are trying to look cool, then yes- buying new is your best bet. I can see even a high powered career being an excuse for some crisp new clothes now and then.

Another reason for new clothes would be if you cant find your size. Or if the catergory of your need is just not sanitary- like undies.

But for the average sized housewife in the hills like myself, I am finding SO much good stuff at our local thrift store.

A J Jill bra tank, awesome tie-dye dresses, jean skirts, linen blouses, sun hats. Even some nice dresses for the girls.

And I'm blessed that this is an old-school Thrift store that still sells clothing for $.50 or under. Last week I purchased a dress and several shirts with my pocket change.

I was destined to Compact.


Sara said...

I agree! Yay for thrifting! I just had a great run at the Goodwill while visiting my parents. Found some Steve Madden shoes for $2.99. Lots of cute brand name summer clothes for Bella and a bunch of tank tops and crop pants for me. Pretty fun times...especially since I haven't been for awihle. But I tell ya, nothing beats a good garage sale. They are usually so much cheaper than a thrift store. Love it.

Malva said...

I'm with ya!

Our neighbourhood's big garage sale was last weekend. Walking up and down the streets was fun on its own but I came home with a linen shirt and a blouse perfect to wear to work, both looking brand new. .50 each. :)

The blouse was exactly what I pictured in my mind when I picked up this cute skirt from the kids consignement store a couple weeks ago (a kid size 14 fyi, is like a women's size 6). I'm rally happy, it's perfect and fashionable.

I also got a few tops and pants for my dd, for free.

In a couple weeks is the next neighbourhood over's big garage sale, I'll be sure to go.

Carolyn said...

Garage sales are awesome because you can bargain so much!! We dont have too many up here- at least- none that dont require 4 wheel drive.

I love Thrifting! Always have!I only wish I were smaller so I could wear more sizes.

mama said...

Yeah thrift stores are great. I buy new though too depending on the need. I just posted on my blog a few days ago about my thrifting finds. I paid $3.29 and I bought a bunch of stuff for the summer for the kids.

nea said...

i love thrift shops and garage sales! great scores, caroline! i wish our thrift stores were as cheap as yours, though!

Melissa said...

I'm SO glad I found you! You have no idea how much I needed this!!!