Jun 13, 2007

Big Fat Stinking Do Over

I miss do overs. Do you remember being a kid and missing the ball? "Do over!" Remember when you spun a terrible spin in a board game? "Do over!" I wish do overs were just that simple; but, like many things in life, do overs fade as we get older.
I'm not sure that we can never reclaim do overs, in fact I hope that we can, but it sure seems like there are a lot less of them to use when you "grow up." Well, right now...Carolyn and I need a Big Fat Stinking Do Over.
We've pretty much lost the edge and passion for change in regards to simplicity. We have slipped (not too big, but enough to impact us) back into consumerism a bit. We've given up and bought new a few times too many. We've made sporadic purchases that were unwarranted and unneeded. Most of all, we have just about lost all of our creative juice in making the whole thing workable.
We didn't realize how tenacious one must be to really live simply. It's like walking on a mountain pass, one or two false steps and you're cascading down the mountain side into an abyss. All this to say..."Can we have a do over?"
Obviously, our struggle has been in isolation (hiding from the accountability of friends and fellow earthlings) so here we are, laying it all out again. Hold us to it, we need your help. Simplicity CANNOT happen without community. Isolation is our worst enemy.


Stone Fence Farm said...

You've been doing great. It's a long process and you are so far ahead of me.

I hearby grant your family a do-over:-)

Anonymous said...

Of course you get a do over... and over , and over...What in life have you changed about yourself without going back to an old pattern? And believe me, I've started over on this thing (SL that is) tons of times. Lighten up on yourself while you are trying to lighten your load!:) Love your blog, keep on posting!!!
Angie in PA

nea said...

you yourself have said this is a journey, not a destination. each day is a new day, so automatic do over. and if it makes you feel any better, it was nice to read that our family isn't alone. we have slipped here and there as well. on things we really shouldn't be slipping on. i'll call it...DO OVER!

Sara said...

Yes! For goodness sakes. You'd be appalled at the number of do-overs I need in my life right now. Try not to beat yourself up. Try not to live by a set of rigid rules...and instead, JUST LIVE LIFE! Isn't is wonderful that God's mercies are new every morning? Every morning is a big fat stinking do over. ;)

VeganCyclist said...

Do over Granted.

I've really enjoyed reading your blog, and it's nice to know that you can't just do it all at once, that it is a journey.