Aug 13, 2007


I have been avioding posting for weeks and week now.

Summer is so weird now that I have a school aged child. My schedule has been so messed up- as well as my already sketchy priorities.

But I'm happy to say school starts a week from today and thus the normal everyay routine of getting up at 7, getting out, walking, getting home, doing laundry etc is about to begin!

I have so many goals for the fall- no more avoiding my house- back to taking care of it.

No more avoiding my ideas and vegging out- I want to get thinking again.

And most importantly- no more avoiding my goal of simplicity. It hit me yesterday as I was heading home from a weekend away from the kids (it was our anniversary).

I have largely ignored my pledge of simple living this last month or so. Materialism is so deceptive and it's one of my biggest flaws.

But I haven't been totally shopping or anything- I've just had my mind on different things and the stuff mongering kinda came in through the back door when I wasn't looking.

I've been going through some spiritual stuff this summer- really trying to find out what I believe and research for myself instead of depending on what I've always been told. This has been scary, but productive. I love what I'm learning about God right now- and I've got so much more to learn.

So no more avoiding my practical everyday life- back on track. Back to my priorities of using and consuming less.

Hi....I'm back.


Stone Fence Farm said...

So glad you're back Carolyn.

Anonymous said...

I just happened to check on this site, and saw you had written again. I've enjoyed your blog. Materialism is a hard thing to struggle with and overcome- my family and I are working hard at it. ABout the spiritual issues, I know what you mean. I am starting to question so many things that I grew up believing, and the journey is sometimes painful. I never thought to question anything in the past, I've always been taught that was a sin. I'm trying to figure out now what I really believe. Anyway, good luck on your journey!!!!

Caren said...

Carolyn, I'd love to hear more about your spiritual journey here. I understand that that might be too personal for such a venue, but I wanted you to know that you have interested readers, if you chose to share!

Carolyn said...

Caren- I'd love to share! I actually have a blog I SHOULD be using--

Right now it's pretty lame.

I thought about writing down my journey there. Well...maybe I will- check it out!

(I'll work on it tonight)

crunchy mama said...

I know what you mean. After I gave birth to our daughter a few months we really got off of the simplicity track. We were very distracted with other things too but now we are getting back on board.

Kara said...

Hooray! You've been missed :-)

I think there's an air of re-charging and getting back on track all over the web right now ... at least I know that I feel refreshed after stumbling quite a bit this summer ... it is nice to reach out and see others feeling the same way :-)

Best wishes!

frog said...

thank you for this blog!! my dh & i didnt think there were people out there like us. we may have to start a blog for ourselves so we can meet more like minded people.