Jan 5, 2008


A year has past and we find ourselves in a very different place from last January. It has been an interesting and challenging journey. We have made some changes, gained some ground, lost a little and ultimately found out that the "best" life is going to take a very long time to find. But, isn't the search really the point?
So as we have looked back over the past twelve months and turned to look twelve months into the future, we have made a decision. Last year was a period of tearing down; we stripped off as much as we could from our lives, we looked for way to reduce our posesions, reduce our needs, reduce our desires. It was a good and neccessary process. We were able to see how desperatley attached to stuff we had become, we found out that we could live a better and less fettered life with less stuff.
This year needs to be a year of rebuilding. We have taken off so much of ourselves that we are often unsure of who we really are. So this year, that's the point. We are going to find ourselves. We are going to begin building the life we want.
So here is our commitment for 2008...
This year, we will strive to:
1.) Identify what our true passions are
2.) Focus our attention on living passionately
3.) Solidify our core beliefs about God, People, the Earth, Life, and Our Purpose
4.) Begin to make all of our decisions based upon the above
5.) Share our journey with all who are interested
2008 will be a year of Passion.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you how inspirational your blog has been. I discovered it last Spring, I think.

What you are doing is important. Thanks so much for sharing your journey.

Happy New Year!


regina said...

great post! i really enjoy your blog too, although i dont comment enough. hopefully our paths will cross sometime :)

Nina said...

this post really resonates with me. My family has went through similar changes over the past 2 years-so much info...a completely new mind frame. Now the question is how to apply it, not just logistically but in a holistic way.... truly the journey is the best part!

Stone Fence Farm said...

I am so looking forward to the year ahead. I am aspiring to achieve what your family has.


realworldmartha said...

I enjoyed your post and look forward to reading more. I loved your 2008 list because so many people that choose a simple life turn it almost into a religion. It becomes so legalistic and focused that there seems to be no room for God or His voice. I struggle with the balance of simplicity and will enjoy reading your blog.

Isle Dance said...

What a wonderful way to proceed through this phase of life!

Tammy said...

i happened across your blog quite by accident. it is great to see other ppl. living an intentional life. i think your wife needs to resolve to be much easier on herself. i hear so much angst in her posts - it really resonates with me. honestly, it is OKAY to want a larger house, a nicer car, etc. it is OKAY to think about your appearance, it is OKAY to want things. i guess our challenge is to set down a life infrastructure that leaves us feeling we are contributing something to the great wide world, and is something we feel good and passionate about. thanks for listening.