Apr 3, 2008

Minty Fresh Spring

Yep! It's Spring for real now. I'm starting to force the kids outside and I'm having thoughts about hammocks and lawn chairs and cool creeks to dip toes in. I haven't worn sock in a few weeks, the girls are wearing their Easter sandals daily.

It's here. The reprieve from the cold. New life pushing back and winning again.

I went for a walk at a Nature area near my house and found it completely bursting with wildflowers and best of all MINT! Lots and lots of MINT!! So, what did I do? I stuffed my pockets with it!!!

What better to taste in smoothies, iced tea, etc, than a fresh sprig of mint! Happy Spring! Let it thaw you like it's thawing me! Let all kinds of fresh things start growing in your yard and your life.

Just think, we've got a few good months before its justifiable to complain about summer heat!


nea said...

carolyn, put some of it in water, it will root, and you can pot it. it is a perennial, so even if it looks horrid this autumn, cut it back spring and it will grow again!

Carolyn said...

Oooo...I will!!! I bought a small plant of it about a month ago, but it must be a different kind- this one is SUPER fragrant and wonderful!

nea said...

yes, the type you posted volunteered itself into a pot at our house a couple years ago and it is fabulous! the perfect kind, i think!

Melissa said...

just found your blog through a series of linking...not sure where, exactly. Love reading about your journey. Attempting something sort of similar---on a much smaller scale---without spousal support. I'm also wanting to downsize/ downshift because we don't need all this stuff/square footage/stress, etc.....look forward to more!!