May 28, 2008

Nothing to wear.

Ok, we needed another post on here besides the rant I left last time. I was inspired to post whilst putting clothes away this last weekend. My drawers were overflowing because , well, I'm a slob and don't fold things.
So, I rolled up all my shirts and put them as neatly as possible in the drawer. Matt walked in and said something like, "holy crap, thats alot of shirts!!"

I was taken aback! Alot of shirts? But, but, I haven't even bought any tank tops yet this year! And, I really hoped to get money for my birthday so I could scavenge for some cool hippie blouses at the thrift store!

He's right. I have PLENTY of shirts. And skirts. And shorts. And everything else, really. How does this happen? How do I lose sight so easily of what we're trying to do?

I guess I STILL need to separate myself from the idea that I am what I wear. For the sake of my poor dresser drawers, this is a lesson I need to learn!!


Maggie said...

I have this very same problem and even more so with eating out. We have a full fridge and closet and yet I feel so deprived. It's ridiculous, really.

Hi there, BTW! I came across your blog through Walk Slowly Live Wildly and was being nosey. <3


Jack said...

Definitely impressed by your journey. Have to carve out some time this weekend to read through the beginning. I'm actually starting a very similar process.

Good luck!