May 8, 2008

More breeding the need for more

Ever watch "What Not to Wear"? I have. I'm not a fan. But I do often think about what those people would say to me. And I shudder to think of them throwing away all my clothes in the name of ridding society of my awful taste. And cutting my hair. Why DO they cut everyones hair?

I know why. Because a new haircut facilitates gel, mouse, flattening irons, hair color. Re-evaluating your terrible taste means new shirts, new pants, better shoes and a good belt.

How updated are your cabinets? Is your yard lacking an outdoor kitchen? How can you live with your self?

I want.....I mean I endlessly want. We've discussed this here, you know my issues with materialism and you know Matts. (although he tend to be able to veil them through good writing making his struggle more poetic and less pathetic)

Well, I am beginning to want things that are dead-end objects.

I think I just coined something!! Dead-end objects! Is it possible? Ok, not entirely, but, let me explain.

If I were to say, go blond, (something I would never do)I'd need better conditioner and perhaps some products to prevent my hair from looking like straw.

If I wanted to get into photography- I'd need a camera. And maybe film, or SD cards. Then a lighting kit. Then a new lens.

Maybe I want an iPod. And good headphones. And a case. And lots and lots of songs over a period of months and years.

It never ends! You get something and you feel like it's never enough. In our culture everything needs an upgrade, an accessory.

Is there anything that simply furfills a need? Other than food?

Well- we recently made a small investment into something that is sort of in this direction.


Not free. They require actually alot of stuff initially (we're finding out), but in the long run they will provide one less thing we have to purchase at a store. And they're just cool.

Other things like this are cloth diapers, cloth napkins, buckets, shovels....anything utilitarian, reusable, and good quality.

I'm on the look out for things with less options and more uses.

And I'm not cutting my hair.


Michelle said...

I 100% agree. You have put into words my feelings on those do over shows. We have used reusable bags and napkins for years and in the past year, we have taken to finding cloth at thrift stores or using old favorite clothes to make the napkins and decorating or personalizing thrift or yard sale reusable bags for gifts.

WildMama said...

Very well put. I like the term dead-end objects. It bothers me that in today's society, you're supposed to always want "bigger and better". I bought an slr camera last year and after I bought it, everyone asked "well why didn't you pay $100 more and get the better model?" (which is not that much better, just 2 more MP).

We bought baby chickens 13 years ago when I was just a pre-teen and I had so much fun gathering eggs and I felt so responsible; it's a great thing for children.

nea said...

i couldn't have said it better myself! and i am going to follow your posts about your chicken friends. i have spent the last year reading about having urban chicken and really wanting them! we'll take the leap soon, too.

Amy - Greenplant said...

I don't mean to be contrary, because I agree with a lot of your post, yet as far as I know What Not to Wear actually gives the clothes to charity, not to the landfill.

Melissa said...

That's really true, isn't it? The fashion-thing spoke to me----I have a hard time with that. Not because I'm a fashionista===I'm not, but I always FEEL like I should be more hip/trendy/etc. If it were up to me, I'd wear the same basic outfit every day. I'm moving toward that.

Very true about needing more----we just watched Robots, the movie. It was about "upgrades"..."Why be you, when you can be new"'s nearly impossible to stay unaffected by it.

I'm so bummed about your house situation. Hang in there--you never know the positive that may come of it all down the road.