Jun 29, 2008


See the picture? That's all we need.

What am I talking about?

I came home last night after a long day of helping with a family garage sale- I was exhausted just from the sheer enormousity of stuff we all own.

I walked into my own house- stuffed and strewn with laundry and dishes and toys- and felt sick. I'm doing it again. I've lost sight of the goal. There is TOO much here.

I can't deal with the idea that if something happened to me, someone else would have to deal with all this. It's MY stuff, my problem, and I know better.

I know to buy only when something is truly needed. If you run out of shampoo, time to buy more. Some people don't do this- they just buy shampoo all the time. They buy barbecue sauce every time they go to the grocery store. They have dozens of tubes of toothpaste and dozens of bottles of Tylenol.

I know that a treasure is only a treasure if it's treasured. Meaning, I have some wonderful things- my Full Circle Doumbek (a gorgeous drum), my Native American flute, my wraps, my grandmothers wedding ring (which IS somewhere....), my Cartuoche (with my name in Hieroglyphics). NOw I need to make sure they have special care, which includes restraint in acquiring other treasures.

I know that I can make instead of buy. Barbecue sauce is SO much better when you make it yourself- and super easy. So is Iced Tea, muffins from scratch, etc. I also know I can make the best scrubs, moisturizers and other beauty stuff from the stuff in my kitchen. I need not seek out anything in the drug store to take care of my skin.

I know who I am and what I wear is NOT that person. Yikes. This is a tough one because there is an artistic endeavour in getting dressed that has always allured me into seeking MORE clothes- just for the fun of putting them on. And this includes used clothing- most of my wardrobe is used, but it is creeping to beyond full capacity. I need to stop. (but my Birthdays tomorrow- so, this is tough.I'll let you know how I did)

I know that my family is happiest withOUT stuff. We went camping last weekend and I haven't seen my kids so content and wonderful in a VERY long time. No toys, no TV, no nothing. Just a lake, trees and dirt. Wake UP, CAROLYN!!!

So, I know all this- and Matt would probably post the same thing today as well- we are both a little freaked out- and now I need to apply it.


Jack said...

LOVE that picture. I think it says it all. I'm making my own list of things that I don't really need this coming month. Most everything MUST go!

Good luck and keep it up!



nea said...

there are some things i have to keep learning over and over. you aren't alone. i have been traveling a similar journey the past 6+ months and it feels so good to lighten the load. it turns out that tangible stuff is so tied to the emotional parts of us that i feel freer to do the things i need and want to do with less stuff around, just stressing me out with its presence.
i am sure you have skimmed these already, but you may get a lot out of The Complete Tightwad Gazette and Your Money or Your Life. oldies but goodies.


Stone Fence Farm said...

I'm right there with you Carolyn!

I'm thinking of having a little George Carlin memorial service and finding his "stuff" schtick to listen to.

Amy (Stone Fence on MDC)