Jul 5, 2008

Free salad- and other good things

Oh the joys of having a garden! Go ahead and say "I told you so!", because I wasn't sure it would be this cool.

We have enough lettuce for a salad every day! And enough spinach for my smoothies. And soon, we will have green beans, tomatoes and strawberries!

I am astounded at how prolific our little garden is. Even with my inexperience and lack of knowledge, I've been able to get so much food out of this little patch of ground! Imagine how much we'd get if I knew what I was doing!!!

I'm also enjoying Lemon Balm- it grows in very small amounts in strange places in our yard. I dug some up, stuck it in a barrel with good soil and POW! We have quite a large bush of this herb!!! I've been making tea with it and learning more about its uses. It seems to be good for immune support and relaxation? Well, whatever it does, I like it alot and it seems to soothe me.

I love growing things!


nea said...

i couldn't agree more! there is something so rewarding and reassuring about it!

Jack said...

That salad looks totally yummy!



Stone Fence Farm said...

I'd love to say "I told you so", but I didn't (shoulda).

Congrats on the yummy greens!

bottomland said...

I'm very much missing having a garden this year--there is NOTHING like fresh-from-the-yard-salad!

bernard n. shull said...
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