Aug 31, 2008

Ah Simplicity...

Today was a blessed day. We have been moving for an eternity; at least, it seems that way. Even before the move, life was hectic. But this weekend, we were free...finally. This weekend, we had no plans, no obligations, not pressing needs; nothing. What a wonderful feeling. We made a family breakfast on Saturday morning (I haven't seen my children during breakfast in at least two months). We strolled around a local farmer's market. We ate a good lunch, together. We worked on a jig-saw puzzle as a family. We watched a movie on the couch, together.
Today, my mother-in-law took the kids for a few hours and Carolyn and I escaped to Starbucks for an unhurried time with hot coffee, good books, and glorious quiet. We came home worked in the garden for an hour or so, then finished the day rocking together on the front porch. I cannot remember a day when I felt so complete, so relaxed, so right.
It amazes me--on days like today--that I can let things wrap me so tightly. That I can allow myself to get so busy that I overlook the amazing things around me. Why do I allow myself to get so caught up in the pace of this world, when its most savory experience exists unhurried simplicity?


bottomland said...

Congrats on your move! I've been following your journey for about a year now, and I could really sense your frustration with your old house. I'm so happy for you! We have recently moved as well, to a real-world version of our dream house (a small farm) and it has made a huge difference in our sanity as well.

nea said...

nice to see you posting and coming up for air! i gave you guys an "i love your blog" award over on my blog.

Sara said...

Hi Carolyn,
I just found your blog by way of Wesley at Mountain Mama. You've got a good thing going here. Simplicity is a beautiful and yet difficult thing to attain.
I found a few posts about your beliefs and found myself drawn in. I too have questioned my beliefs but have come down a different path.
Best of luck and I'll be back to visit.