Sep 15, 2008

Used is better because...

We live in the sticks. Last year, we had a week without power. It was an adventure for the first 48 hours or so. When our food began to spoil, the novelty wore off. Carolyn, has been gently persuading me (threatening me might be a little strong) to get a generator for the coming winter.
If you have never purchased a generator, brace yourself. There is a lot of jargon. I had to pull out a book from my days as an electrician to figure out what half the ads were talking about. Once I figured out what we would need, I almost had a stroke. I didn't have any idea how expensive these things were. So I began my search, for a used generator.
I found an ad on craig's list for exactly what I needed and for less than half the cost of a new unit. On top of that, I met a very interesting man who was in a similar place in life. We chatted for half an hour and shared quite a few laughs. I'll take that kind of interaction over a verbal bout with a salesperson any day.
I see a lot of people spend a lot of money on good things. But, often they could have done so much better by checking out the classified ads in their local paper; visiting a local library and looking at the community bulletin board; or visiting sites like Craig's List, Freecycle, or eBay.
There is a lot of waste in this world. I don't think anyone would disagree with that. Buying used is simply another way to reduce that waste. Every little bit helps.
What are some ways that you have found to buy used? Better yet, what have you found that helps you to get what you need while making the least impact on the planet, your budget, and your soul? I came up with this list. For the next few weeks, I'll be musing about it here.

Top Ten Reasons Why Used is Better Than New

10.) Money gets to people who need it quickly
9.) Less consumeristic
8.) Great deals, often with added perks
7.) Good excuse to drive to parts of the country/state/city you wouldn't otherwise visit
6.) You meet people that share or have shared common needs and desires (look for an upcoming post on this one)
5.) So much less expensive
4.) Forces you to explore your needs versus your wants
3.) Less tempting to pay on credit
2.) No pushy salespeople
1.) Less waste


nea said...

i couldn't agree with you more!

Jennifer said...

I have really been taken on buying used within the last year. I love your list!! :)

::::wifemothermaniac:::: said...

here's another big one, they are often healthier, because most of the flame retardent chemicals have probably worn off. New products are coated in carcinogenic chemicals.