May 29, 2007

Home as inspiration

This statement has not exactly desrcibed where I live. Perhaps "Home as frustration" or, "Home as a lesson in character building" would be better for describing how I've felt about this place.

I've wanted to be an artist all my life, but I've never found my niche- I hope to someday. And I hope that my home would be a place I could be inspired to experiment and practice.

I always pictured myself with a studio and a big garden with funky sculptures. This would be where I could create. Well- there is no studio here- no place to put one. Not even a corner for my easel or a desk where I could sketch or sew or paint. I tend to feel sorry for myself with this.

As I learn to live in this small space, I am realizing I cant keep waiting to make it my space- the place I've dreamed of.

This last weekend, Matt was gone and I decided, since we had the paint and flooring already, I was going to redo our upstairs bathroom. I had some help from my friend, and from my mom- and I love the way it turned out.

The project inspired me to get out my brush and start creating a little.

And I moved downstairs to the other bathroom which was brightly painted but really lacked personality.

I went a little buckwild- but I never questioned myself and just went for it- and I like it!

Now, the rest of the house is trashed, but, hey, I'm catching a vision here!!!

The good thing about painting like this is that is cost almost no $$- I always have craft paint around.


Melissa said...

You couldn't have described my thoughts about making the place that I currently live "my own" any better! You go for it girl! Make it whatever you want it to be!

nea said...

I love it! And I have always wanted to comment on the fact that, despite your smalling living space, you have made it appear (in photos at least) relaxed and pleasant with the use of vibrant color on your walls. Now share tips of how you get this type of thing done with 3 young kids! :)

Carolyn said...

Tips? Well...for one thing I have a great mom, great friends, and I generally let the rest of the house go to crap while I do this stuff.

Stone Fence Farm said...

It's lovely Carolyn. I also like your blue hair. You can come East anytime and decorate my livingroom. I'm afraid of color.

Caren said...

I love the color and the whimsy of both bathrooms. I also echo the sentiment you expressed that I need to stop waiting for the perfect setting, and just be creative in the here and now. Thanks for the inspiration!
Caren from MDC

Linda said...

Oh, I love it. Do you happen to have a place with all your decorating photos up? Flickr maybe? I'd love to look.

Judy said...

This is totally cool.