Mar 17, 2007

I HATE these shoes.

I bought these Chacos around the time my son was born, 6 years ago. I wear them a lot.

Lately my friends have been commenting on how cool they are a few of them have bought them for themselves. But- they got new ones. Nice colors, differnt strap configurations.

So, I hop onto Zappos and check out the new styles. Holy crap!!! Their are some really cute new styles. And one thing I've disliked about these is the toe loop- I would buy the ones without it next time. Hmmm....maybe REI has some on sale...

Oh, wait- I'm compacting!!! I'd better check eBay. Theres a few- I'll have to wait a few days to bid.

So, then, at preschool the other day- everyone is wearing their Chacos. One of my friends says, "I knew I had to get them when I saw how well yours have worn--you'll have those for years!!!"

Yeah...years. Great. Oh yeah... the toe loop!!! "I'd love to keep them that long, but I don't like the pulling that happens on the toe loop!"

So, my one friend, who's had hers for a few years says- "Oh, mine have the toe loop- I found a way to adjust them so you don't use the loop-- look, just like the non-loop ones!!!"

Thanks alot! Now I have NO excuse for getting new ones. Why am I surrounded by such good women?


turnip said...

hee hee, reminds me of a friend of mine who bought what she thought was a cute old-fashioned alarm clock (gold, round-faced with the little bell-ringers on top.) MOST ANNOYING ALARM CLOCK EVER!! She kept praying it would break but it kept going..andg going...and going!

Lori said...
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