Mar 22, 2007


It's here- and this year, it finally matches up with the weather, unlike last year when it was still snowing at this time.

I'm glad it's spring. Spring reminds us that things become new again- no matter how dried out and dead they seem.

I feel like I've fallen off the Compact wagon a little. I bought the girls shoes for Easter. At the mall. I put out an ISO for them and didn't get an answer- so I just went and did it.

Yes- the mall again. I should just say the heck out of there. I caught myself in Naartjie with armloads of dresses and shirts for the kids when I said- "Oh...what am I doing?" I pt them all back. It was really weird. Maybe I was mesmerized by the lights or something?

Spring. There is no Spring in the mall- unless you're talking about new spring products. But for real- there is no season there. The light is the same the temperature is the same- nothing blooms but greed and self-consciousness.

Today at preschool they are going for a walk to see the bulbs that were planted in the cemetery last fall. THAT'S spring. Life from death. Beauty in the Greenwood cemetery. Little girls running and pretending to be ponies.

It's apparently like pulling teeth to get me to stay down to earth and on track with these changes I'm making. I guess I should take it day by day and look at each days choices as an opportunity to change.

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