Mar 2, 2007


We just passed the two month mark. As Carolyn stated in her last post we've, "been feeling the burn." This is a hard task, but well worth it. I think this journey is becoming more difficult becasue we are passing the fad stage and beginning a lifestyle. It's becoming easier to identify consumeristic traps, so, we are less likely to be "tricked" into buying something we need/want. Now, we are aware of the complexities and our "stuff" is starting to get the best of us. Let me explain...

Before, we might have bought somthing gratutious becasue we thought we needed it, when, in reality, it was really just a marketing created need. Now, we are fighting the same fight on a different plane. We are running into our wants, either for particular things, or for the promises the marketing makes. We are finding it easier to justify purchases because of our training. We have been trained that in order to be happy, we must buy. Ouch. So, needless to say, we've been looking for a good way to boost our resolve in this area.

I have always believed that the best wasy to learn and remain accountable is to teach. That being said, I think it's time that we take this thing out of our liitle sphere into a larger arena. I have no idea what that means. Any ideas?

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Nicola said...

I am not sure what that means, either, but you have already taken it beyond your little world by chronicling your accomplishments and barriers in this blog! I keep coming back, because you both write well and are paralleling some of the same issues our family encounters in our own road towards a simpler life. Maybe your family would benefit from keeping this thing within your little sphere. More specifically, do you have neighbors, friends, kids' classmates' families with whom you can share your journey and learn from you as well? Staying out of the stores and getting thrills from buying used, going on a walk instead of to the mall, etc. is A LOT more fun when you have company! A simplification co-op! You all help each other keep money in your pockets, trade items around based on need, etc. (This is all coming from the girl who loves frugalizing, lives in a wealthy area, and has only ONE friend who shares the simplification thrill. And that friend is moving away!)