Jan 11, 2007


Part of ditching the whole materialistic mindset for me is realizing how much great stuff I already have. I need to appreciate these blessings and stop looking to acquire new things to give me that good old "look what I got" feeling. I tend to grab at things and when I find something I like- I hoard.

This means I don't take time to enjoy what I already own.

So, since I love to make lists I thought I'd list some of my favorite goodies to remind myself that more is not going to be better:

My Full Circle Doumbek drum- a beautiful handmade drum
My Wraps- I am big into wearing my children and my stash is used constantly
My espresso machine-a present from a few years ago that is used a lot and keeps me at home
My iPod- I dig music.
My cuff bracelets- I have a husband with impeccable taste who has blessed me with these
My couch- Ektorp sectional from Ikea, wedged into our tiny house making all the difference
My Ghana market baskets- I have a few and they go with me everywhere

I'm pretty blessed to have such amazing things. What do you treasure?

I could only find pictures of my wraps and one of my couch.

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MamaK said...

What a great post! You're right, you know ... all I have to do is look around here and there are things in this house which I already love very much ... it is just hard at times to remember that when they are not the focus, but are buried under so much junk or things are too hectic around here to notice the simple beauty and function of the things we already own.

Wonderful reminder!

Best Wishes!