Jan 5, 2007

The Pastry cutter of confirmation

OK- that's a little dramatic- but true.

How easy does it sound to buy used and cut down on what you don't need? At first I was like, "Um- no thanks." I thought about how much I already bought used- so, it should be easy, right?

Well- I like scones. I love nothing more than to sit down with a hot beverage and dunk a scone in it. But, to make scones, you have to make a crumbly mixture of butter and flour. In order to do that, you need either a pastry cutter, or-if you don't have one of those- you can use two knives. I've been using two knives and boy is it a pain. So, the other day at the grocery store I saw a pastry cutter for $4.99 and picked it up to put in my cart when suddenly I caught myself. "WAIT! Can this be bought used? Do I want a used one?"

So, I put it back, and went home to scour eBay. Well, eBay has a ton of either Vintage ones (that were mostly rusty) or new ones. Neither apply to my needs.

"This is really no big deal, right? Shouldn't I just grab one next time I'm shopping? Or should I try to hold out for one to cross my path?"

Today I had to go into town and decided I would stop in Salvation Army. I don't have a single pair of jeans that don't injure me right now and so I thought I'd take my chances. Sure enough I scored a pair of wonderfully soft Calvin Klein's for $5. And what else appeared before me in a basket of random items?

A perfect pastry cutter.

I jumped up and down- and a lady said "What'd you find?"

"Oh, it's just a pastry cutter- but I promised myself I wouldn't buy one new."

She smiled and said, "You must be livin' right, honey."

I guess I must be.


Anonymous said...

Hurrah! Fantastic find! I just love it when the perfect need find comes along like that ... sorta renews your faith in your commitment to buying used. I know it does for me (we just started Compacting and I'm still kinda scared about it LOL) Best Wishes!

- Kara

Jenny said...

What I read into this post is that you didn't give into the temptation of the new utensil and because of that, God rewarded you with jeans AND a pastry cutter! ;) Huzzah!

Carolyn said...

I've always been able to buy everything I need used- but now Matt needs shirts for work! Polo shirts tend to get nasty- and the used ones I've seen havent been good. I'm so tempted to just order a few from Lands End. Hopefully we'll find some! Ah- maybe this is worthy of a new post. It's not even the middle of January and I'm already finding stuff we cant buy used. I had better try harder.

hallie said...

you found USED jeans that FIT?? tell me your secret immediately!! it's like saying you found jesus, or the holy g-d grail!!! aigh!